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We predict change before it happens
We work professionally to serve our clients well in order to bring a change to the system.
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Business Process

Our business process management Service delivers superior customer experience with increased operational efficiency, agility and control. Read More>>


Our in-depth industry and technology expertise can deliver true multi-directional dynamism, thereby enabling your enterprise to experience a seamless cloud journey. Read More>>


Our Consulting Services helps you achieve and sustain this success through strategic, functional and process transformation that enables you improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and enhance resilience. Read More>>

Information Management

We help organizations harness the power of information both within and outside the enterprise. Using this "golden copy" of data, we help you turn information into action by making better decisions faster. Read More>>

Infrastructure Services

We have built our value proposition to help you maximize value from your infrastructure which is at the very core of your business. Read More>>

Managed Services

We also offer you assistance with keeping your system in top running order. Our application support on product platforms manages integration competency centers to control system integration across the enterprise, and manages service factories that keep your systems agile. Read More>>


We have helped organizations like yours effectively combine deep industry knowledge, cutting edge mathematical and statistical methods, technology tools like SAS, SPSS and software environments to build an enterprise-wide analytics culture. Read More>>


Our Next Generation Applications Strategy is centered around five key influencers: User Gravity, Business Velocity, Borderless World, Enterprise Intelligence and Resilient Design. Read More>>

Business Outcome Services

We help you improve business outcomes through data driven decisions. Read More>>

Our Approach

Accer Points is driven by passion

We help our customers build stronger, more agile and more innovative businesses. Our dedicated employees offer strategic insights, technological expertise and industry experience.

Their work is supported by a global delivery network that helps large organizations respond to the challenges of the Future of Work with virtual, flexible, scalable and efficient operations.

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About us

Today’s infrastructure is under intense pressure to operate at the speed of business—that means being infused with the agility to adapt as quickly as customers and the market demand. Remaining competitive in the ever changing digital landscape requires predicting change before it happens with an infrastructure and solutions that are precisely targeted at enhancing user experience.

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