Application Architecture

Application Architecture

Applications play a very important role in how an organization delivers value to its customers, partners and employees. The focus of Applications is shifting from “Systems of Record” to “Systems of Engagement.” However, delivering Applications that engage customers and employees requires a well-thought-out architecture strategy.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points's Architecture Service helps take your business strategies to execution. We provide comprehensive Architecture services that help you deliver digital business by design, and not as an afterthought.

Our Architecture Service helps you:

  • > Increase value of applications
  • > Provide application resiliency
  • > Adopt next generation application architectures
  • > Bring innovation to the forefront
  • > Simplify application portfolios

Our portfolio of Architecture Service includes:

  • > Solution Architecture
  • > Next Generation Application Architecture
  • > Architecture for High Performance Applications


  • > Architecture leadership for best-in-class solutions.
  • > A pool of architects with combined experience of more than 50 man years
  • > Research, innovation and thought leadership in emerging Architecture patterns and solution accelerators for delivering next generation of applications
  • > Experience in serving diverse clientele spread across Africa
  • > Architects certified in TOGAF and other industry recognized SOA, BPM, cloud computing certifications
  • > Alliance partnerships with industry leading architecture and portfolio management tool vendors.

Areas Covered

  • > Solution Architecture Definition
  • > Architecture Validation and Assessment
  • > Technology Evaluation
  • > Performance Architecture and Assessment
  • > Architecture Advisory Services
  • > Emerging Technologies Consulting
  • > Next Generation Application Architectures

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