Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management

High Performance Applications
Expectations from business applications have increased tremendously because of consumerization. Applications are expected to be cost effective, available continuously and tolerate failure events without causing any downtimes, scheduled or otherwise. There is a need for applications to scale up and down elastically as users arrive without additional development cycles.

How Accer Points Helps
To help design and architect applications that are resilient and stand the rigors of modern computing needs, Accer Points offers High Performance Application Architecture Service that helps build highly scalable, high performance and resilient applications.

We help you in:

  • > Designing and Delivering High Performance Applications
  • > Performance Assessment of Existing Applications

Our Performance Engineering Framework helps design and architect applications that stand the rigors of modern computing needs and it works in tandem with the traditional software delivery models. As part of this framework, our Performance Architects work with the product lead architect to help discover, define and realize the non-functional requirements of the product.

Our framework enables you to:

  • > Gather non-functional requirements from various stakeholders
  • > Design the system for performance
  • > Set up test environment and run non-functional tests
  • > Understand application systems with the use of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and operations monitoring tools

Our performance engineering team helps you identify and isolate performance bottlenecks, while providing a performance improvement recommendation report. This is done in situations where an application problem exists and a reactive analysis is required.

Our service enables you to generate Performance Report, capturing recommendations such as:

  • > Benchmark/baseline of current application performance
  • > Comprehensive list of performance bottlenecks and their potential fixes
  • > Architecture to help you ensure optimum performance
  • > Code re-factoring
  • > Database performance
  • > Application server performance related configurations/settings
  • > Capacity constraints

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