Next Generation Application Architecture

Next Generation Application Architecture

Businesses are getting ready to embrace the digital way of doing business. However, traditional application architectures, which are not agile and resilient, cannot help embrace digital business models. Architecture and design approaches used for earlier generation of business applications are just not capable of delivering for digital business. Designing for Next Generation Business Applications requires rethinking of application architectures.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points's approach to Next Generation Application Architecture is not only influenced by emerging technologies, but also is based on what users and businesses expect of these applications. By rethinking architecture we have brought in technology innovation, paradigm shifts in user behavior and business expectations together to develop applications that are truly ready for digital businesses.

Our Next Generation Application Architecture Services helps:

  • > Bring managed approach to technology innovation and adoption
  • > Adopt Digital First architectures
  • > Co-innovate in application architecture to identify new digital opportunities
  • > Conceptualize and execute proof of technologies for digital business use cases
  • > Play an advisory role for Digital Architecture Strategy

Digital Native Architecture
Digital Native Architecture Service brings our deep knowledge in building Digital First Architectures to design digital business models. We have developed expertise in many architecture patterns that help bring digital business traits to business applications.

Our Digital Native Architecture Service covers:

  • > Cloud Architecture
  • > Context Aware Applications
  • > IoT Application Architecture
  • > Smarter Applications

Digital Experience Architecture
End user experience - be it for customers, partners or employees - is an important part of Digital experience. Our architecture approach to digital business experience brings together physical and virtual interactions together.

Our Digital Experience Architecture Service covers:

  • > Digital Customer Journey Mapping
  • > Omni Channel Experience
  • > Contextual Personalization
  • > Next Generation User Interfaces

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