Cloud Application Migration

Cloud Application Migration

Enterprises are witnessing a compelling need to move their infrastructure and applications to cloud for business agility, responsiveness, and cost-efficiency. Modernizing application platforms and data center architectures has become an imperative, to support unpredictable business demands, and large-scale, multi-geography projects.

How Accer Points Helps
There is a high degree of uncertainty on how cloud can deliver these benefits. Your enterprise can extract value from the Cloud with Accer Points as your Cloud migration partner. We help you:

  • > Identify what applications should move to cloud and to which clouds
  • > Break the siloed approach to Cloud migration within your enterprise
  • > Avoid duplication of cloud migration effort and cost

We help you assess the Cloud fitment of on-premise applications and requirements using in-house developed Cloud Assessment tool and Migration Assessment tool. With Accer Points 's cloud capabilities, you can embark on a smooth Cloud journey, through the Cloud migration cycle of Advise -> Design -> Build -> Manage.

Client Success
For a large West African-based Financial services provider : Accer Points managed the cloud migration journey which involved 5 critical revenue generating applications. This transformational engagement enabled the client leverage the elasticity and scalability of the cloud, along with benefits:

  • > 30% cost savings with no additional Capex
  • > 24*7 monitoring and management of infrastructure and security
  • > Support to 500000+ users, with a very high variability in usage

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