Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid Cloud Management

Cloud platforms are quickly becoming an increasingly viable option for the extended enterprise. Businesses are aggressively leveraging the cloud to scale and extend legacy capabilities, while tapping into the speed and cost transparency. Most enterprises plan to adopt on-premise Private or Public Clouds and integrate these to their existing IT portfolio.

How Accer Points Helps
Hybrid Clouds are therefore the future of enterprise IT infrastructure. As Hybrid Cloud environments become complex, workloads get distributed and consumption increases. In such environments, Accer Points’s robust cloud management platform enables you to:

  • > Get real-time insight into resource consumption
  • > Proactively manage IT expense, SLAs and internal chargeback
  • > Simplify Hybrid Cloud complexity arising from multiple cloud vendors
  • > Manage demand dynamically
  • > Have a unified view of cloud services

With Accer Points’s Cloud Operations Framework, you can accelerate your cloud delivery life cycle to extract maximum value from the cloud. Accer Points's Cloud Services Framework is designed to provide robust Cloud management through:

  • > Cloud Security Management - Identity, entitlement and Access Management, Data Security and Privacy Management, tokenization and data obfuscation, Cloud Infrastructure security, Governance Risk and Compliance.
  • > Service Assurance – To manage high levels of availability, performance and service quality, predictability, and efficiency
  • > Cloud Orchestration – Policy-based and workload-based orchestration of VM provisioning and decommissioning
  • > Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Management - For maintaining back up, recovery and availability of identified systems and data which is critical for business continuity and disaster recovery

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