In an always-on environment, the digital generation wants the ease, convenience and availability of e-commerce services. This gives organizations unparalleled visibility into transactions, customer behavior and customer preferences with minimal investments in time and infrastructure.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points's E-Commerce Service provides a unique customer experience using:

  • > Personalization
  • > Seamless cross-channel experience
  • > Mobile technologies
  • > Social media integration
  • > Recommendations and referral tracking

Our B2C and B2B E-Commerce Service supports business models on a single platform and care delivered as a packaged platform or as components specifically tailored for your organization.

Our comprehensive suite of E-Commerce Service encompasses four major areas:

  • > Transact: Enabling organizations to transact better with their customers
  • > Market: Enabling organizations to understand their market and gain insights into customer opinion about their organization/products
  • > Analyze: Equipping organizations with analytical tools that provide intelligence on customer engagement
  • > Manage: Bringing together powerful features to manage business process, people and technology. This allows for optimizing and improving the functional elements of business

Our service helps you maximize sales, reduce customer drop off and increase wallet share by:

  • > Personalizing the online shopping experiences of your end customers
  • > Creating flexible merchandizing and customized order capture flows
  • > Providing seamless shopping experience across multiple channels, brands and markets

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