IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

An efficient, agile and cost-effective technology infrastructure can be the differentiator for businesses to refocus on their core services and products. IT and Infrastructure Management Service has undergone a significant change, helping deliver business value, improved efficiencies and variabilization of costs. Accer Points’s Infrastructure Management Service optimizes end-to-end management of enterprise IT infrastructure across data centers, networks, mainframes and end user computing.

How Accer Points Helps
Our Infrastructure Management Service, with strong domain and specialized capabilities spanning data centers, networks, Managed Services, cloud, business advisory and system integration, can help you transform your vision to reality.

Accer Points’s Infrastructure Managed Service framework offers:

  • > Autonomics driven services
  • > On Demand infrastructure capabilities, including data centers
  • > Differentiated EcoEnergy solution capabilities
  • > Two-third of our data center solutions are on pay-per-use model

The key features of our service are:


  • > Library of known error database, resulting in faster resolution
  • > Standard automation tools for day-to-day operations
  • > Organization-wide best practices and SOPs
  • > Best-in-class quality methodologies
  • > Productivity benchmarking to improve performance


  • > Multi-location delivery eliminates single point of failure
  • > Disaster Recovery ready
  • > Access solution: Multiple customer network from single desktop
  • > Pre-built integration with partner and other service lines
  • > Readiness for integration with existing tools


  • > Readily available pool of skilled resources in all domains at all times
  • > Faster ramp ups and ramp downs
  • > Ready-to-use command centers across the globe
  • > Ready-to-use Service Management platform compliant with ITIL standards
  • > Plug & play monitoring, management and reporting tools available


  • > Enhanced network security - intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, content filtering, load balancer
  • > Biometric scanner and proximity card reader for facility access control
  • > Isolated data network for all customers to prevent cross flow of data packets
  • > Periodic security audit

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