Big Data Services

Big Data Services

As the Big Data revolution takes the industry by storm, businesses increasingly look to leverage it for competitive advantage. Estimates on how much data is being produced each day/year vary widely across assessments. Nevertheless, no one is able to dispute the inherent power of Big Data that can promote growth and, at the same time, cost businesses if used unwisely.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points offers the full-life cycle of Big Data Services to manage the 3 dimensions of Big Data - Volume, Velocity, Variety - and thus enables you to:

  • > Discover hidden insights through a 720 degree view of customers
  • > Prevent failures leveraging machine and device data analytics
  • > Enhance fraud and surveillance capabilities
  • > Reduce total cost of IT leveraging Hadoop clusters

Accer Points has a dedicated practice focusing on Big Data & Data Science platforms with strong team of experts specialized in open source and proprietary platforms. We have an implementation experience across complex environments with large scale node clusters and petabyte scale data in production.

We have been actively building and enhancing value-added solutions and services around Big Data Platforms covering:

  • > Business and Architecture Consulting
  • > Solution Engineering on Big Data Platforms
  • > Operation and Monitoring of Big Data Platforms
  • > Enterprise Transformations
  • > Data Discovery & Analytics Services

Sample use cases for Big Data implementations that we focus on are:
720 degree analysis: Transaction volumes across business have increased and enterprises need ways to aggregate and analyze the complex sets of data for right co-product placement strategy, pricing, Next Best Offer etc. 720 degree analysis of data (both from within and outside the organization) covers omni channels to identify selling patterns, strategies optimum placement, next best offers and recommendations.

Social Media Analytics: Social Media Analytics focuses on social network or link analysis by integrating feedback for Campaign Analysis, Sentiments, New Products, influential buying etc.

Device Data Analytics and Machine Data Analytics: This covers predictive event sequence analysis and error predictions. To uncover patterns, clusters of device types and models that work best together are made. Intelligence based on the device usage optimization, monitoring and trends is provided and product recommendation and improvement by analyzing device usage and failure rates is done.

Measuring Network Performance & Optimization: This solution focuses on analyzing the enormous amounts of tower generated data for network performance of telecom cell towers and predicting the bandwidth requirement. Telcos can utilize this data for analyzing network health, signal strength during the call, drop call, allocating bandwidth based on traffic, regional distribution, monitoring of Network usage etc.

Analytics for Fraud & Surveillance: This solution focuses on spotting fraud crimes sooner, identifying false attempts to open accounts, transactions, policies, or lines of credit. The objective is to analyze and detect potential fraud/financial crimes quickly and accurately through a 720 degree view of external and internal data, including transaction-level detail. It deals with identifying crime rings and early changes in fraud/financial crimes patterns through link analysis, adaptive models and fuzzy matching techniques.

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