Information Architecture & Strategy

Information Architecture & Strategy

With information being accepted as a key differentiator, there is a growing need to create a coherent strategy for managing information across its entire lifecycle. A sound Information Strategy helps tie various initiatives around Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Meta Data and Big Data into a common theme. A good Information Strategy supports business growth through valuable insights and predictive analytics. It also improves decision making around new information platforms and tools and helps meet regulatory and compliance mandates.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points's Information Architecture & Strategy Consulting service focuses on providing you advisory services for developing a robust Information Strategy that enables streamlined creation and management of your information assets. We help you create roadmaps that you can use to launch a cohesive set of information-centric initiatives.

Our approach to building your information strategy involves:

  • > Understanding your business drivers and their impact on information needs
  • > Establishing a baseline of current information capabilities across processes and tools
  • > Assessing the gaps and challenges in existing Information capabilities
  • > Preparing a blueprint for Information nirvana
  • > Creating a benefits-aligned roadmap to convert the Information blueprint into reality

Our Information Architecture & Strategy Consulting Service is aimed at the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and other enterprise stakeholders tasked with building a blueprint for harnessing the power of data - both structured and unstructured. Our service allows you to build a coherent strategy stretching across traditional disciplines of Data Architecture, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Big Data.

We offer a sound mix of methodology, expertise and consultants who are well equipped to devise as well as drive the Information Strategy for your enterprise:

  • > complex BI/DW and Information management programs
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