Master Data Management

Organizations today consider data quality and consistency critical to supply chain performance and enterprise asset management because of its ability to improve enterprise operations considerably. Enterprise processes and business reporting functions are only as effective as their Master Data allows them to be. Master Data is the shared business critical information within an enterprise about customers, suppliers and products that supports the transactional and analytical operations. Accurate Master Data speeds up product introduction cycles, improves ability to cross sell/up sell, and tightens regulatory compliance to customer privacy and vendor listing. It also enables a seamless customer experience across channels, brands, and functions. A well-designed and effectively executed Master Data process – including data structure, CRUD functions, data linkages, data quality, data classification and taxonomy alignments- goes a long way in ensuring the processes and functions that run it are efficient, predictable and harmonized.

Master Data Management puts in place tools, processes, and controls that reduce errors, improve data usability and quality, as well as reliability of Master Data.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points offers an end-to-end suite of Master Data Management (MDM) services to address MDM needs of every critical master data domain and industry. Our Master Data Management services allow enterprises to unlock the potential that is often hidden or inaccessible within their data. The implementation is aimed to enable better and faster business decisions across the customer organization. We help standardize business processes and improve collaboration, meet strict compliance requirements and reduce costs.

Our MDM Service includes:

  • > Consulting services for building a business case for a standalone MDM program
  • > Building a data governance framework
  • > Developing a data platform to support a transformation initiative
  • > Implementing COTS products
  • > Undertaking sustenance programs

Design & Implementation

  • > MDM Solution Technology Architecture Definition
  • > Data Modeling
  • > PIM Implementation
  • > CDI Implementation
  • > Master Data Migration & Integration
  • > Integration with External Data Hubs for Customer Data
  • > Data Cleansing

Service & Maintenance

  • > Trading Partner On-boarding Services
  • > CRUD: MDM Administration Services
  • > SLA based Solution Support
  • > Tool/platform upgrades & MDM migration services
  • > Knowledge Base Management
  • > Coding & Taxonomy alignment
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