Digital Services

Digital Services

Over the last few years, the Communication industry globally has experienced significant challenges which have made service providers rethink their business strategies and look for innovative solutions. These challenges include the need for super-fast networks at low cost, pressure on revenue and monetization of network, rapid increase in data consumption due to applications and videos and the dominance of OTT players. This has disrupted conventional business strategy and forced Telcos to work closely with device vendors and OTT players to create sustainable business models.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points's Digital Services focus on three areas: M2M, Cloud and Mobility. We have established an Advanced Technologies Service Line to harness the convergence of disruptive technologies (Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, Social and Smart Sensors). We help transform your business by delivering a more seamless and intuitive customer experience.

Cloud Services Portfolio

  • > Advisory across architecture, infrastructure, applications, business processes, and industry verticals. We deploy a unique Cloud Inventory Analysis Tool to assess the amenability of applications and processes to the cloud
  • > Integration Services for seamless integration of applications and data across cloud and on premise
  • > Security, enabled through Accer Points comprehensive life-cycle framework that addresses security challenges for enterprises adopting cloud
  • > Testing and Validation Services encompassing applications testing, performance testing, development/test environments on cloud, and testing cloud service providers implementation

M2M Services
We offer end-to-end services right from mobility strategy/roadmap to technology management and support. Our Telecom Mobility solution offering includes:

  • > Customer Management
  • > Asset Management/ Monitoring
  • > Dynamic Dispatching
  • > Field force Automation
  • > Telematics/Fleet Management

Mobility Solutions in Telecom
Our solution focus continues to be in four key areas:

  • > Cost reduction (warranty management)
  • > Productivity and efficiency improvement (fleet management)
  • > Problem avoidance and safety (emergency and critical behavior)
  • > New revenue opportunities ( Vehicle telematics for new services, up-sell and cross-sell)
We provide a 24/7 hours support for our clients. Feel free to contact us anytime.
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