Engineering & Construction companies are facing various challenges. Fragmented business processes, lack of business intelligence, unstructured project risk management and lack of automation in construction site operations are preventing scalability, flexibility and agility. In order to deliver growth and business efficiency, organization need to put in place technology and process-led transformation.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points helps overcome these barriers by transforming organizations into Digital Enterprise through integration of project sites with the back office, supported by underlying technology enablers.

We help you with:

  • > Better risk management through integrated project execution system
  • > Operational efficiency through digitization, automation and integration
  • > Intelligent business and operational decision-making capabilities
  • > Seamless and effective collaboration across stakeholders
  • > Platform for scalable and agile business performance

Our holistic approach towards creating a next gen digital enterprise involves:

  • > Create blueprint for next gen digital enterprise - We leverage our expertise across the E&C industry, owner-operator industry, technology, process and business transformation to create scalable, agile, connected and resilient digital enterprise architecture
  • > Transformation roadmap - using our business consulting, enterprise architecture and technology solution capabilities to define a transformation roadmap from current to future state
  • > Key tenets of our architecture - integration & collaboration, business architecture, application architecture, content and data, as well as ICT infrastructure 6 components of our Digital Enterprise Solution
  • > Integrated Project Execution System - Effectively manage risks across project selection and execution by integrating site office (front office) with enterprise back office systems
  • > Engineering-IT Integration - Connected engineering and IT/back office systems that enable real-time monitoring of engineering processes, proactive feedback to procurement, and effective collaboration with external stakeholders
  • > Digital Collaboration - Delivers improved productivity, user convenience and reduced cost through collaboration across internal stakeholders (engineering, project sites, enterprise back office) and external stakeholders (contractors, suppliers, academia, communities)
  • > Intelligent Enterprise - Driven by analytics to help you transform into Intelligent Enterprises, delivering the right information at the right time. This helps with key decision making using a set of critical KPIs across Project Management, finance, procurement, supply chain, quality, assets and order to cash
  • > Digital Asset/Facility Management - encompasses Asset Management, Facilities Management, Workforce Management, Contractor Management and Service Management underlined by operational excellence KPIs
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