With projects becoming large and complex, involving multiple stakeholders, the volume of information managed and transferred has increased manifold. The high quality and structured electronic information turnover being mandated in contracts is taking away crucial skilled bandwidth from core activities. Accer Points can help you address the key elements of standardizing and automating Engineering Information Management (EIM) processes, revamp technology landscape, and reduce cost and time of information processing.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points helps standardize EIM processes through integrated information management architecture, build EIM platform based on leading industry Enterprise Data Warehouse and Enterprise Document Management System (EDW & EDMS) stacks. We help you with:

  • > Processes that deliver improved engineering data quality
  • > Faster turnaround and tighter collaboration
  • > Accelerated access to engineering data and improved engineering decisions
  • > Reduced risk of non-compliance, resulting in lesser penalties
  • > Enhanced confidence in asset and equipment data integrity

Our EIM solution enables you to hand over information to owners as specified in the contract. Our insight into owner-operators EIM/IT needs and future roadmap can help you align your EIM work processes with your customers current and future needs.

Solution components
Our offerings encompass the entire project lifecycle, starting from basic engineering and front end engineering design, through detailed engineering, construction and all the way to project commissioning and handover. The key activities include:

  • > Enterprise Information Management Assessment and Handover Planning
  • > Integrated Information Architecture
  • > Application Installation and Configuration
  • > Implementing EDW/EDMS
  • > ISO 15926 Compliance
  • > Document and Data Control
  • > Data cleansing, Consolidation and Handover
  • > Data Loading into Operational Systems
  • > Enterprise Information Management Sustaining Services

Our Differentiators:

  • > We have a large pool of domain experts, capital project SMEs and engineers, architects and consultants, implementation experts and product specialists, who bring significant capabilities around industry best practices and benchmarking.
  • > Our accelerators around standards, code, scripts and frameworks ensure product quality and faster delivery
  • > Our strategic relationships with leading EIM platform vendors including Intergraph, EMC, Oracle, SharePoint, HP Autonomy, and IBM provide delivery assurance and best-fit solutions
  • > Our global delivery model enables quick ramp-up for capital project support, addresses resource scarcity, support global projects through our ability to deploy resources across geos. We also ensure faster project execution at optimized costs
We provide a 24/7 hours support for our clients. Feel free to contact us anytime.
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