For construction companies, revenue, profit and risk management are project centric. Organizations need solutions to effectively manage intricate project details to deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget, thereby maximizing profits. Accer Points provides solutions that enable project managers and executives to have an end-to-end integrated visibility into project performance and progress by focusing on key drivers such as scope, budget, resource, risk, schedule and quality.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points's Enterprise Project Management and Control Solution helps transition traditional single project management practices into an enterprise portfolio approach, enabling visibility, predictability and control.

We help you:

  • > Predict project performance and enable forecast accuracy
  • > Maximize project profitability
  • > Enhance decision making and control through information visibility at every stage of the lifecycle
  • > Implement industry best practices and service delivery for setting up high performance project control systems
  • > Integrate best-in-class partner products to create synergistic workflows Our domain experts, key product alliances and solutions help you maximize the potential of project management and controls systems, delivering risk-free execution on time and on budget.

Delivery across the three project dimensions - of cost engineering (estimating, cost control, earned value and change management), schedule engineering (scheduling and earned value) and information management collaboration (management reporting, document controls and BIM).

Advisory and Implementation Services - this helps you move up the project management maturity curve by evolving from a project management function to a project portfolio management and finally to enterprise project portfolio management.

Business/Technical/Operational Services - We help you achieve project success across cost engineering, schedule engineering and Information management collaboration through our core services:

  • > Business: Create a roadmap for setting up best-in-class enterprise project management and control processes and systems. We provide consulting services for business process re-engineering, defining workflows, product evaluation, and help set up project analytics and executive dashboards using industry best practices
  • > Technical: We design end-to-end business process systems with configurations, appropriate integrations and cyber security standards that meet organizational structure and reporting requirements
  • > Operational: We offer technical specialists to address business needs such as costing, estimating, schedule development, change management, information management and forecasting analysis

Run project control operations - in a shared services model to augment your project control bandwidth and enable quick start. The mix of onsite and offshore team provides a unique combination of dedicated site presence, cost efficiencies, scalability and access to extended skills. We help with accelerated system set up, local IT support, running project control activities and conducting analysis and reporting.

We provide a 24/7 hours support for our clients. Feel free to contact us anytime.
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