Growing project complexities, competitive pressures, operational challenges and the need to maintain/grow margins make Engineering & Construction companies turn to technology for operation efficiency and competitive differentiation. Next generation technologies of cloud-hosted platforms, mobile, integration and collaboration, automation and communication, as well as project performance analytics are driving change.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points has built significant capabilities in next generation and emerging technologies like analytics, mobility, collaboration, cloud, IOT and augmented reality. We help you:

Our IT Outsourcing Service helps you:

  • > Transform into digital enterprises
  • > Design and implement technology vision, architecture and roadmap
  • > With technology co-innovation
  • > Develop underlying platforms, common services and foundation elements
  • > Improve productivity, reduce cost of operations, enhance stakeholder satisfaction
  • > With technology thought leadership

We ideate, incubate and deliver these next generation technologies to help you achieve improved productivity, operational efficiencies and higher wins in profitable deals.

  • > Define Technology Roadmap/Vision - we help identify, design, implement and integrate various technology elements across the enterprise landscape to transform your company into a digital enterprise
  • > Technology Integration - We bring technologies such as analytics, mobility, collaboration, cloud, M2M and IOT in an integrated and intersected way to solve critical business and technology problems
  • > Analytics - transform companies into Intelligent Enterprises, delivering right information at the right time. Our analytics framework uses structured and unstructured data to provide dashboards, causal analytics, prescriptive and predictive analytics, as well as what-if scenarios for various user categories.
  • > Extended Collaboration - we help you in deploying extended collaboration platform with internal and external stakeholders. We help in technology mapping that fast tracks product evaluation and implementation
  • > Mobility - Our mobility service help you streamline operations, achieve higher productivity and faster turnaround time. Our mobility assessment and deployment framework helps you assess the current state of mobile enablement, design and implement solutions
  • > M2M for Asset Management - enables remote asset tracking and monitoring to improve asset utilization, pre-empt asset failure and plan predictive maintenance. Helps remotely monitor the security/safety violations in real time, generate alerts to users and operational teams

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) is becoming a strategic imperative for every Engineering & Construction company. Unfavorable climatic and working conditions, regulatory complexity, higher operational risk, project complexity, downtime costs, higher reputational risk and increasing awareness of customers and employees is mandating organizations to adopt a holistic HSSE roadmap.

How Accer Points Helps
You can benefit from partners who have deep experience in delivering HSSE-related assessment, solutions, implementation and maintenance to support organizational objectives. We help you by:

  • > Tracking, managing and preempting occupational injury and illness thereby providing a safe and secure work environment
  • > Reducing the number of workplace incidents and events
  • > Identifying new opportunities to improve HSSE performance and meet regulatory compliance
  • > Reducing carbon footprints and hazardous emissions
  • > Building a positive brand in the industry and community Solution components and differentiators

We deliver services across the entire HSSE spectrum of consulting, assessment, architecture, IT implementation, integration, application management and analytics. We cover all aspects of health management, safety management, incident and event management, security management, risk management, audit management and environmental management.

We have developed differentiated solutions in the areas of

  • > Competency risk management - Automation of competency management, gap analysis, training recommendations and people risk dashboard
  • > Predictive risk intelligence manager - It helps improve operational risk management in asset safety, occupational safety, environmental safety and operational risks
  • > Process templates for various HSSE processes, content hub for all information, data management kit and reporting templates
We provide a 24/7 hours support for our clients. Feel free to contact us anytime.
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