Mobile and Digital Transformation

Mobile and Digital Transformation

The Banking and Financial Services industry is undergoing a significant shift due to connected customers, the movement towards a shared economy, competition from both traditional and non-traditional players and the rapid adoption of digital technologies – online and mobile. This is as true for the Commercial Banking world as is in the Retail Banking world.

How Accer Points Helps
In order to meet these evolving trends, banks have to 'Standardize-at-back' while 'Differentiate-at-front'. Without the front to back digitization initiatives, banks run the risk of not fulfilling the promise of digitization.

Accer Points helps banks in the following areas:

  • > Digital Sales Transformation
  • > Digital Servicing Transformation
  • > Digital Resiliency
  • > Backend Technology Transformation

Accer Points's Capabilities

Digital Sales Transformation
We support customers as they go in for their sales transformation by offering:

  • > Design and implementation of digital marketing initiatives
  • > Customer journey mapping and optimization
  • > Design services for multi-product online and cross-channel sales platforms
  • > Tablet based customer acquisition tools
  • > Re-engineering services for the technology and business processes involved in customer onboarding to enable STP of digitally opened accounts, while providing customers visibility into the account opening process. This is equally applicable to Corporate Banking situations
  • > Contact center and branch integration to provide online customers with the human support needed as they go through the digital purchase process

Digital Servicing Transformation
Accer Points supports you as you reengineer your processes, systems and customer interaction mechanisms to build the branch of the future. On the online and mobile side, we help financial institutions to deliver optimized multi-channel and multi-device solutions on applications like personal finance management.

Today's digital age customers look for quick resolution of their service requests. They not only expect to raise the service requests digitally but also expect fast handling of service requests. This requires process optimization, end to end process simplification and digitization of backend processes and process automation. Accer Points is executing multiple projects around optimized paperless processes, including back office and processing consolidation. We enable banks & financial institutions realize the promise of digitization.

One critical constituency that financial institutions are addressing as they go down the digital journey are the tools and capabilities that they need to provide to their internal employees, bankers, relationships managers and their business partners. These include tablet solutions for retail and commercial bankers, enabling internal efficiencies.

Digital Resiliency
As the digital channels become the primary interaction points between the financial institution and the customer, it is important to ensure the resiliency of these channels. This requires protection of these assets against security threats - both external and internal. Accer Points has extensive experience in ensuring the protection of these digital channels against these threats - both in terms of one-time reviews and in terms of delivering 24x7 security operation centers to monitor against these threats. We also provide 24x7 infrastructure management services focused on realizing the always-on requirements of the digital channels.

Backend Technology Transformation
In order to realize the benefits at the front end, financial institutions must consolidate or enable the antiquated backend systems to deliver the agility and capability needed. Accer Points has helped multiple banks with their backend technology transformation exercise.

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