Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Enterprises are witnessing exponential growths, with innovation in supply chain, multiple delivery channels for customers and their relationships with global spread. Businesses need to act fast to meet the dynamic and changing landscape for customer and supply chain profiles with newer applications and connections. Today, the enterprise data centers continue to be the main service hub to drive innovation with a new paradigm for business agility and response. To meet the business need, Data Centre transformation and managed services continue to be core and key strategies for IT. However, in reality, there are major challenges associated with data centers currently:

  • > Single Window of truth with automated management framework
  • > Silos of applications and need driven IT infrastructure.
  • > ‘Locked-in’ OEM vendor driven designs and issues with agility and scalability

How Accer Points Helps
To address these challenges and enable business transformation, Accer Points has end-to-end services portfolio across Consulting, Transformation, Managed services and IaaS in Data center practice backed up by a proven transition framework which enable seamless transition from incumbent vendors or Enterprise IT to bring you:

  • > Transformational programs to achieve business value with TCO reduction - up to 30% cost savings on base case
  • > Proven Method and Certified Tools for Data Centre Study and dependency analysis
  • > Industry-based reference architectures meeting the need for compliance and security
  • > Transformation in a Greenfield or a brownfield environment to maximize existing technology investments
  • > Multi-tenant and single tenant Cloud services by leveraging our own data center facilities
  • > Consistent approach for integrated management of applications, infrastructure, cloud remotely

Strategic alliance with leading global partners.

The end-to-end Data Centre services include:

  • > DC Transformation Services
  • > DC Managed Services
  • > Hosting & IaaS

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