Business and operational complexities in the Energy industry seem to be increasing and accelerating. Themes that dominated early in the century – peak oil, global warming, aging workforce, clean technology – have given way to concerns about safety, regulatory compliance, the need for new business models. There are also concerns about new geographies and capital projects, techniques for extracting hydrocarbons from tight rock formations at the deepest of reservoirs.

How Accer Points Helps
Our Oil & Gas practice helps you address these complexities. Practice specialists deliver business value across the entire life cycle of any key initiative in the organization. This includes assessment and advisory capabilities, solution design, development, integration and deployment, and operations and support for sustainability of long-term results.

Our practice solutions provide strategic value by:

  • > Offering insights and recommendations based on deep domain and technology experience
  • > Employing industry-leading expertise to assess, design, plan and deploy process and technology improvements
  • > Applying effective project management practices to ensure cost and time effective results

A-List Domain Experts

  • > Energy industry management consultants
  • > Geoscientists
  • > Petroleum engineers
  • > Production and integrated operations specialists
  • > Financial and Energy traders
  • > Refinery operators
  • > Energy product supply chain specialists
  • > Retail and B2B marketing specialists

Areas Covered

  • > Assessment and Solution Advisory Services
  • > Engineering and Operations Solutions
  • > Enterprise Content Management
  • > Real-time Analytics and Reporting
  • > SAP IS Oil Upstream and Downstream
  • > Product Engineering Services
  • > Enterprise Resource Planning

Key Differentiators

  • > High-end business consulting
  • > Smart solutions across the value chain
  • > Partnerships and strategic engagements
  • > Innovations inspired by customer challenges
  • > Best practices and repeatable services
  • > Industry-experienced practitioners
  • > Environment-centric programs

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