Expanding upstream portfolios call for quality-assured capabilities for volumetric accounting, allocation and regulatory reporting requirements. A shift toward digital oilfields has yielded numerous strategic and tactical solutions across the industry. It includes centers of excellence connecting the right minds to the biggest problems, workflow-driven collaboration, virtualization, visualization and optimization supporting rapid insights and decisions.

Upstream businesses face significant challenges as they work to grow reserves, enhance recovery from existing fields, establish new capabilities for emerging assets, and find insights from vast quantities of information.

How Accer Points Helps
Our upstream production practitioners and integrated operations specialists provide thought leadership, domain expertise and technology excellence to help companies:

  • > Increase production
  • > Reduce/avoid capital and operating expenditures
  • > Increase/accelerate reserves recognition
  • > Improved collaboration and decision support

Integrated Operations
We participate in asset or business unit assessments, identifying production process improvements using digital oilfield methodologies. We provide solutions and assistance in:

  • > Production value chain in field communications
  • > Surveillance, analysis, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) optimization
  • > Digital oilfield strategies and programs

Production Surveillance & Optimization

Our offerings include:

  • > Dashboard solutions for wells, reservoir, facilities and pipeline surveillance
  • > Design, integration, implementation and support for production surveillance and optimization solutions
  • > Advisory services on the use of real-time production data to enable proactive and smart decisions

Collaborative Environments

We offer:

  • > Global program management, methodology development, local project management, assessment, design and implementation oversight of physical environments and collaborative workflows
  • > Implementations of over a 100 collaborative environments over a 7-year period ENGINEERING, ASSET MANAGEMENT AND CAPITAL PROJECTS

The volume of data – real-time, relational, structured and unstructured – generated by Energy enterprises is growing at unprecedented rates. Asset, engineering and operations teams need new ways to engage with capital project, asset and equipment information to gain new insights, make quick decisions and optimize resource deployment. There is a need to employ innovative methods to identify exceptions, analyze problems, focus on safety, achieve asset integrity and reliability objectives, minimize risk and contain costs.

How Accer Points Helps
Our support for asset, engineering and operations functions blends on-site industry domain expertise with offshore technology excellence. Our multi-faceted team of real-time data, asset management, engineering information management and capital projects practitioners will help you:

  • > Improve time and cost effectiveness
  • > Rapidly deploy projects without increasing risk
  • > Improve availability, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of operation-critical assets

Real-Time Data Management

  • > Assessing the landscape of real-time capabilities and designing, delivering and supporting the solutions needed for improved results
  • > Providing real-time monitoring and visualization through site readiness, control systems implementation, data historian and archival management, data validation and reconciliation, simple and complex calculations, alarm management and data visualization
  • > Delivering real-time analytics and optimization through surveillance and performance analytics, predictive analytics and optimization capabilities

Enterprise Asset Management

  • > Offering strategic enterprise asset management assessments and roadmaps for business transforming programs
  • > Delivering work management optimization; activity planning, condition-based maintenance planning and scheduling services; mobile workforce services to asset engineering and field operations teams
  • > Providing data management, infrastructure and middleware services, technical integration and blended resource models for upgrade services and support services

Engineering Information Management

  • > Offering assessments of maturity against proven practices in order to outline a roadmap for transformation, for structure and control of engineering electronic and hard-copy information designs, drawings, schematics, etc.
  • > Providing program planning, deployment of platforms for document management and search, business intelligence, taxonomy design and product selection
  • > Executing engineering information transformation projects for enterprise content management, document and data services and sustaining services for ongoing results
  • > Providing assistance with asset acquisition, divestiture and governance over these
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