Professional, business and information services firms face numerous challenges in their business operations. Productivity rates continue to remain flat, while higher wages, commoditization of offerings, increasing competition and operating costs have contributed to declining margins. The focus therefore is on improving customer-centricity, differentiation, operational efficiency and cost optimization.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points augments service delivery capabilities and increases flexibility in service organizations through:

  • > Prudent financial management and business performance management
  • > Continuous operational improvements, improving quality of service
  • > Attracting, developing, retaining and growing top talent
  • > Being sensitive to changing customer needs and, therefore, marketplace shifts
  • > Being a partner of choice rather than just another vendor

Our capabilities and scalability is defined by our global delivery model and our strong practices and service lines.

Areas Covered

  • > Build next-gen business platform
  • > Transform IT service delivery from fragmented to SLA-driven model
  • > Risk-services assessment
  • > Co-own, design and develop service delivery platform

Key Differentiators

  • > Driving productivity
  • > Enabling performance improvements
  • > Lowered total cost of operations
  • > Enhanced distribution and delivery efficiencies
  • > Real-time monitoring to improve service levels and decision making
  • > Reduced time to market
  • > Improve end-user experience
  • > Customized solutions
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