Managed Security

Managed Security

Primarily Managed Security Services (MSS) are driven by the need for Cyber security which includes 24/7 security, monitoring, vulnerability management, security operations and meeting compliance requirements. The focus of security is evolving from reactive response to proactive investigation and management of advanced threats. This helps improve the bottom line through securely embracing new technologies, mitigating cyber threats and regulatory compliance while demonstrating business value.

These varied requirements are bringing businesses to move towards specialist MSS partners in order to utilize more competent expertise and ongoing improvements in line with the shifting threat landscape.

How Accer Points Helps
Accer Points 's comprehensive Managed Security Services are powered by its core service platform that encompasses all aspects of security. With our varied offerings, you can:

  • > Protect your information assets by comprehensively managing security components
  • > Mitigate adverse impact on confidentiality and availability
  • > Reduce risks through high level of security for information assets

Our offerings align with the industry standards like ISO 17799, BS7799, NIST and CERT. With our custom service delivery methodology, smooth transitioning and post implementation management services, we cater to various enterprises. Our customer base includes names from Global 1000 enterprises and corporations.

  • > Key Solutions
  • > Security Intelligence as a Service
  • > Cyber Threat Management
  • > Platform Security Assurance
  • > Next Generation NAC
  • > Security Intelligence Center
  • > Accer Points Identity Cloud

Key Services

  • > Infrastructure Security Operations
  • > Infrastructure Security Monitoring
  • > Unified Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • > Advanced Security Services
  • > Security Support Services

Key Differentiators

  • > Customizable Engagement Model with Standardized Delivery Process Framework
  • > Best of Breed Solutions based on broad set of Technology Alliances
  • > Global Delivery model for cost efficiency, measurability & transparency
  • > Advanced security offerings like security analytics etc.

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